Rupali Bank Question Solve 2018

Solutions of the Rupali Bank Question 2018 have been found at my website This question, I’ve collected it from Facebook. The answer is very soon given to my website. You can download PDFs and solve these questions.

Rupali Bank Job Notification Officer (Cash) has been published. Rupali Bank is now recruiting the test officer (cash). This job position is in the date of application date 21st of September, 2017. Rupali Bank is widely dedicated to leading banking institutions with international presence. Solution of Rupali Bank Question 2018


Rupali Bank Question Solve 2018

Rupali Bank Officer Cash 2018 English Solution:

  1. Select the pair which is set in opposition Answer >>Divine -infernal
  2. In the time of danger we should try to take the bull by the horns

Answer >>>Deal the situation decisively

  1. The art of cultivating and managing gardens is called

Answer: Horticulture

  1. A gentle man should be true___ his words.

Answer: to

  1. A fourteen-line poem is called

Answer: Sonnet

  1. A disease affecting many persons at the same time and same place is called

Answer: Epidemic

  1. He letter (fuelled) my doubts

Answer: Increase

  1. The 19th century was the hey-day of the renaissance in Bengal.

Answer: Peak point

  1. To make headway is to

Answer: Make progress

  1. This method is not wrong; but there may be more——– method than this.

Answer: Effective

  1. The closest meaning of the word (bizarre)

Answer: Peculiar

  1. He was succeeded by dint ____ his hard labour.

Answer: Of

  1. Make passive: They said he is a good candidate

Answer: He was said to be a good candidate.

  1. Narration: The captain says ” company move forward ”

Answer: The captain commands the company to move forward.

  1. His stars are now in the ascendant.

Answer: এখন তার একাদশে বৃহস্পতি

  1. Tagore’s birthday was_____ with songs and recitation.

Answer: Celebrated.

Rupali Bank Question Solve 2018

The question of Rupali Bank 2018 Officer (Cash) question was found on my website. You can also find out the question related to the bank exam, the result of the examination, Silver Bank Limited has the right to accept or reject any or all applications without any reason. Rupali Bank Limited organizes a learning environment in the learning environment and launches the talent of the bank. Rupali Bank Limited provides an excellent organizational culture and competitive compensation package that always meets the wishes of our employees. Solution of Rupali Bank Question 2018

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