Dhaka University Admission 2018-19

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Dhaka University 2018-19 admission can be found on my website. Bangladesh University of Dhaka is the most important part of the education sector. HSC pass Any student who first wishes to select between Dhaka University The meritorious students were admitted to Dhaka University. University admission committee meeting of 2018-19 Any time the university admission notice is published. The Dhaka University admission committee was divided into five units such as Ka Unit, Khay Unit, Ga Unit, Gha Unit and Tea Unit. Update information related to Dhaka University admission can get you according to according to my website.

University of Dhaka, Shahbagh area, Dhaka district, Bangladesh is a public, multipurpose, research university. From the beginning, the University of Dhaka started its activities with 3 faculties, 12 departments, 60 teachers, 877 students and 3 dormitories (Hall of Residential Area) for students. At present, there are 13 faculties, 83 departments, 12 institutes, 20 residential halls, 3 hostels and 56 research centers. The number of students and teachers increased by 37018 and 1992 respectively. Dhaka University admission 2018-19

Important Information on Admission Test:

Online Application Start: 07 August 2018

Online Application End: 29 August 2018

Admission test for ‘Ka’ Unit- 28th September 2018 (Friday)

Admission test for ‘Kha’ Unit- 21st September 2018 (Friday)

Admission test for ‘Ga’ Unit- 14th September 2018 (Friday)

Admission test for ‘Gha’ Unit- 5th October 2018 (Friday)

Admission test for ‘Cha’ Unit- 15th September 2018 (Saturday) [General Knowledge]

Admission test for ‘Cha’ Unit- 22nd September 2018 (Saturday) [Drawing]

Eligibility to Apply for Dhaka University Admission 2018-19 [Including 4th Subject]

KA Unit: Minimum GPA SSC+HSC= 8.00

KHA Unit: Minimum GPA SSC+HSC= 7.00

GA Unit: Minimum GPA SSC+HSC= 7.50

GHA Unit: Minimum GPA SSC+HSC= 8.00 [Science], 7.00 [Humanities], 7.50 [Business Studies]

CHA Unit: Minimum GPA SSC+HSC= 6:50

Apply Online Dhaka University Admission 2018-19

Dhaka University Admission 2018-19

Ka Unit Admission Result 2018: On the 28th of September 2018 (Friday) Dhaka University will be admitted to the unit admission test. The main focus of the University of Dhaka University admission is Science. Who is the subject matter of science, biology, pharmacy, earth and environment science, engineering and technology. Who is qualified for the admission science student application. The unit admission results 2018 can be found on this website.

Science faculty: Pharmacy, Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Software Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Robotics and Mastering Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

The CSE department is working really well for the job opportunities. It provides excellent training facilities for competitive programming. You can read the results of recent programming competitions in this regard.

The same goes for software engineering, they have a good curriculum. Add internship opportunities in this fourth year. It makes an excellent choice for those looking for career in the IT industry.

Dhaka University KA Unit Admission Result Website: http://admission.eis.du.ac.bd/

Kha Unit Admission Result 2018: Kha unit admission test will be held on 21st September 2018 (Friday). The main focus of the Dhaka University Kha unit is the introduction of humanitarian issues. Kha unit subjects are like public administration, political science, economics, development studies and health economics. Eligibility for students of Kha unit admissioned Humanities is applied. Khan unit admission results 2018 can be found on this website.

Arts Faculty: International Relations, Economics, Development Studies, Political science, Law, English, Public Administration

Ga Unit Admission Result 2018: The admission test will be held on 14th September (Friday) of Dhaka University G Unit. The main focus of Dhaka University C unit admission is the subject of Commerce. The C unit is money, accounting, marketing, banking, management, banking and insurance, MIS. The qualification for the Ga Unit Filling Commerce students is applied. Results of the G-Unit 2018 are available on this website.

Commerce faculty: Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Banking, Management, Banking & Insurance, MIS

Gha Unit Admission Result 2018: Dhaka University admission test will be held on 5th October 2018 (Friday). Dhaka University Gehye unit admission main focus transfer unit This unit is applied for admission to all faculty-student entrance units. Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts, and Commerce Faculty Students are eligible. Gha unit admission results 2018 can be found on this website.

Cha Unit Admission Result 2018:  On September 15, 2012 (Saturday) [General Knowledge] and drawing test will be held on 22nd September, 2018 (Saturday). This unit is named the Four Coin unit. This unit is named Charukola, graphic design. Tea unit admission results 2018 can be found on this website.

Dhaka University Admission 2018-19

Well prepared to face the challenges of future days with freedom, justice and spirit of truth as a foundation combined with the predictions of established fathers in Dhaka. The open character of Dhaka University includes the characteristics of beauty and historical sources. It can be seen on campus.

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